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At Titan Coatings, we are constantly improving our technology and expanding our expertise to continue developing the best coatings available. We understand the importance of providing you the perfect coating system for your demanding applications at a price that makes sense.

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The ARMORGUARD™ coating systems are High End coating designs for improved scratch, mar, and environmental stain resistance. These systems include the 2500 Low Gloss Flex Coil Coating, the 3500 Zero-T Coil Coating, the 4000 Exterior Coil Coating, the 5000 High Durability Coil Coating, and the 6000 Stain Resistant Coil Coating. Learn more about Armor Guard>>
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The ULTRABRITE® Premium coil coating system manufactured by Titan Coatings Inc. is a coil coating designed specifically for lighting fixture applications. ULTRABRITE® is uniquely formulated to facilitate trouble free high line speed and high dry film thickness coil processing. Learn more about our Ultrabrite >>
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The ALUMABOND® Premium spray applied paint system manufactured by Titan Coatings Inc. is an industrial baking enamel coating designed for architectural aluminum extrusion applications requiring at a minimum AAMA 2603 compliant performance. ALUMABOND® has excellent exterior durability, cleanability, and chalk and fade resistance. Learn more about our Alumabond >>
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Four years ago, Titan stepped up and delivered a large quantity of product under some very tight time constraints that ran quite successfully. Titan earned the business and, as a result, we have worked jointly to create additional applications to grow our business relationship with Titan Coatings and will continue to do so moving forward.
Karl A. Hermann
Steel Dynamics, Inc

Stain Problems?

If you want a coating that can stand up to mother nature, resist staining, and meet the challenge of a rigorous rollforming and embossing process without scratching or picking off—then you need to try our Ti-Bond™ coil coating today!