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Titan Coatings Services: Quality Coatings

Quality Assurance

quality assuranceTitan Coatings is ISO: 9001: 2000 certified. We place the highest priority on ensuring that our products are in full compliance with all color and property specifications. Our quality control managers will not release product for shipment until all tests have been thoroughly performed and all test criteria has been met. Our customers can count on our quality batch after batch.


Titan built a state of the art manufacturing facility in which we currently occupy.

Here, most of our resins and solvents are in bulk storage tanks that can be efficiently and accurately dispensed to allow for quick turnaround for our customer’s orders.

titan coatings manufacturingWe have a small batch department that can fill orders from 1 quart up to 25 gallons. Orders of 25 gallons up to 4500 gallons are processed in our highly efficient manufacturing facility. Our large mixing tanks of 1000, 3500, and 4500 gallons are all on load cells and all smaller tanks utilize our state of the art digital scale systems. This system ensures accuracy of the raw materials going into the tanks.

With our efficient manufacturing facility, coupled with our desire to meet our customer’s needs, we can process small and large batches very quickly when necessary.

Research and Development

research and developmentIn our R&D lab we have state of the art equipment where we develop our own resin technologies. Our proprietary resin technologies are an integral part of our success and are used extensively throughout our product lines.

Utilizing in house resins along with the latest innovative resin products from our valued suppliers, our experienced team of chemists and technicians continue to develop and refine proprietary technologies to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

At Titan Coatings, we also continue to invest in and utilize the latest technology for accelerated testing and color matching.


Four years ago, Titan stepped up and delivered a large quantity of product under some very tight time constraints that ran quite successfully. Titan earned the business and, as a result, we have worked jointly to create additional applications to grow our business relationship with Titan Coatings and will continue to do so moving forward.
Karl A. Hermann
Steel Dynamics, Inc

Stain Problems?

If you want a coating that can stand up to mother nature, resist staining, and meet the challenge of a rigorous rollforming and embossing process without scratching or picking off—then you need to try our Ti-Bond™ coil coating today!