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Transportation Coatings: Stop Corrosion

2K Water Base Epoxy

2k water base epoxy transporation coatingTitan’s water base epoxy is an environmentally friendly, low V.O.C. water based coating that provides unprecedented levels of corrosion protection in a thin film application. Formulated with unique polymer technology, Titan’s water base epoxy has excellent adhesion over aluminum, steel, and galvanized substrates.  Optimum corrosion protection is achieved when coated over shot blasted metal or metal that has been cleaned and treated with iron or zinc phosphate.

Product Highlights
Titan’s water base epoxy is a HAP’s free product containing less than 1.5 lbs. per gallon of V.O.C.’s and does not contain any lead or heavy metals. While formulated for environmental friendliness the real benefit of Titan’s water base epoxy is its outstanding corrosion protection.  When applied over properly treated metal, more than 1000 hours of salt spray resistance can be achieved.

Titan’s water base epoxy is a chemically curing product that can air dry or be force cured to achieve an extremely tough protective film.

Our water base epoxy is user friendly and formulated to be applied with conventional spray equipment or with electrostatic disks or bells.

End Use
Titan’s water base epoxy is being used to protect under the hood parts on the world’s leading automotive and heavy truck manufacturers. Our water base epoxy is ideal for coating shocks and struts, starter motors, steering components, motor mounts, brake canisters, fifth wheels, air tanks, landing gear, etc.

Approved Specifications List
  • PACCAR--CS-0030 & CS-0031
  • Kenworth—R026-170-5S
  • Mack—617GS133
  • Ford—WSK-M2P157-A1A3
  • GM—GM435OM
  • Toyota—TSH3128G
  • Volvo Trucks—North America

1K Water Base Acrylic

1k water base acrylic transporation coatingTitan’s water base acrylic is a single component water based product developed for use on properly treated parts where the performance specifications do not require Titan’s 2K water base epoxy.

Product Highlights
  • Up to 250 hours salt spray resistance
  • Can be spray or dip applied
  • Formulated to be 1.5 lbs per gallon of V.O.C. or less

End Uses
Titan’s 1K water base acrylic is ideal for coating axles, heat transfer components, radiators, castings, etc. When you need a fast drying water based product that gives good corrosion protection try Titan’s water base acrylic.


Four years ago, Titan stepped up and delivered a large quantity of product under some very tight time constraints that ran quite successfully. Titan earned the business and, as a result, we have worked jointly to create additional applications to grow our business relationship with Titan Coatings and will continue to do so moving forward.
Karl A. Hermann
Steel Dynamics, Inc


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