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Products Overview

At Titan, our products are designed with focus and purpose. From roofs, siding and garage doors that demand the highest levels of durability to lighting encasements that need high reflectivity to window frames and appliances that call for a perfect balance of flexibility and protection, we have specific chemistries designed for specific applications.

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Our ALUMABOND® and ALUMAMAX® coating systems are depended on by a wide range of national manufacturers. Built on complex chemistry and proprietary resins, we provide a portfolio of carefully crafted blends of premium spray applied paints for aluminum windows, architectural framing, rails, trailers, store fronts, fabricated construction panels, and more – much more.

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Titan’s transportation coatings are PACCAR approved and deliver rock-solid protection for the extreme, over-the-road and under-the-hood environments. Our advanced foil coatings deliver error-free protection to aluminum foil insulation boards, and outperform all others in accelerated weather testing.

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