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PACCAR Approved Water Based Epoxy

PACCAR Approved Water-based epoxy

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PACCAR Approved Water-based Epoxy


TRANSGUARD is an environmentally friendly, low V.O.C. water-based coating that provides unprecedented levels of corrosion resistance in a thin film application. Formulated with unique polymer technology, Titan’s water based epoxy has excellent adhesion over aluminum, steel, and galvanized substrates. Optimum corrosion protection is achieved when coated over shot blasted metal or metal that has been cleaned and treated with iron or zinc phosphate. TRANSGUARD is the only water based epoxy primer approved by PACCAR for all substrates.

Commercial Applications:

TRANSGUARD was specially formulated for the toughest environments. Gritty, grimy, extreme heat, extreme cold, wet, salty, sandy, and corrosive? Bring it on. TRANSGUARD works to protect parts from the many threats of the open road. From shocks and struts to axels and air brakes, TRANSGUARD provides an environmentally friendly coating to protect against unfriendly environments.

Recommended End Use:

A depended on solution for transportation and automotive applications. Virtually anything under the hood or close to the road: shocks, struts, air brake canisters, axels, radiators, fifth wheels, landing gear – literally any piece of metal that is under attack from corrosion.

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Performance Specifications
Dry Film Thickness
  • 1.75 ± 0.25 mils
Specular Gloss
  • Full Gloss Range
  • 5B
Pencil Hardness
  • 2H
Solvent Resistance
  • 50 MEK
Impact Resistance
  • 60 Direct
  • 1/4" Mandrel
  • Black