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Stain Resistant

The ARMORGUARD SR with Stain Defender™ premium coating system manufactured by Titan Coatings, Inc. is a high end coating designed for improved scratch, abrasion, and environmental stain resistance. This exterior system uses a proprietary resin formulation and Titan’s exclusive Stain Defender™ technology to help keep products like siding, cargo trailers, and canopies cleaner and looking new longer.

Extreme Durability

ARMORGUARD XD premium coating system manufactured by Titan Coatings, Inc., is a high end polyester coating designed for warranted exterior building product applications. ARMORGUARD XD uses proprietary resin technology and selected high durability, long-lasting pigmentation. It is formulated for excellent U.V. resistance and weatherability, along with good stain and chemical resistance.

High Durability

ARMORGUARD HD coating system manufactured by Titan Coatings, Inc. is an extremely durable coating, specially designed for exterior metal building product components and construction applications. ARMORGUARD HD proprietary resin technology imparts outstanding U.V., chemical, pollution, and stain resistance. It provides excellent overall durability and physical property performance.

Zero T

ARMORGUARD ZT coating system manufactured by Titan Coatings, Inc. is a polyester coating designed with true Zero-T post forming flexibility and improved scratch and mar resistance. ARMORGUARD ZT uses proprietary resin technology to provide consistent performance, excellent flow and leveling, good exterior weathering, and a superior flexibility-to-hardness ratio.