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Stain Resistant

Stain Resistant Coil Coating

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For a high end super tough coating that resists scratching and environmental staining.


The ARMORGUARD SR with Stain Defender™ premium coating system manufactured by Titan Coatings, Inc. is a high end coating designed for improved scratch, mar, and environmental stain resistance. This exterior system uses a proprietary resin formulation and Titan’s exclusive Stain Defender™ technology to help keep siding products cleaner and looking new longer. ARMORGUARD SR has excellent exterior durability and chalk resistance while maintaining excellent decal adhesion for the RV/cargo hauler and truck trailer markets.


ARMORGUARD SR coatings can be formulated in a wide range of glosses and colors but are specially designed for high gloss, smooth finish applications. Coating can be applied single coat or over primer and applied to variety of metal substrates including: aluminum, HDG, ZnAl, cold rolled, and stainless steels. ARMORGUARD SR is an excellent choice for exterior building and transportation-related applications which need improved stain resistance and longer service life.

Recommended end use applications include:

AG Sheet, Building Panel, Commercial Roll Up Doors, Rainware, Walk-In Coolers, Cargo Haulers and Containers, Horse Trailers, Recreational Vehicles, Truck Trailers

Toughen up your product today with Titan ARMORGUARD SR.

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Performance Specifications
Specular Gloss at 60°
  • ASTM D 523
  • 10-95
Surface Appearance
  • Smooth or Textured
Pencil Hardness
  • ASTM D 3363
  • H-3H
  • ASTM D 4145
  • 1T-2T
Cross Hatch Adhesion
  • ASTM D 3363
  • No loss of adhesion
Impact Resistance
  • ASTM D 4145
  • >60 inch lbs.
Water Immersion
  • ASTM D 870
  • PASS
Humidity Resistance
  • 100% RH
  • Aluminum: No blisters or loss of adhesion
  • 1000 Hours
  • HDG: Less than 5% #8 size blisters and no loss of adhesion
  • ASTM D 2247
Salt Spray Resistance
  • 1000 Hours
  • Aluminum: Few #8 blisters, no more than 1/32" creepage from scribe.
  • ASTM B 117
  • Primed HDG and Galvalume: Less than 5% #8 size blisters, no more than 1/8" creepage from scribe