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Double Coat | AAMA 2604

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Paired with Titan’s flash primer for extreme exterior weatherability performance


The ALUMAMAX DC Premium spray applied paint system manufactured by Titan Coatings, Inc. is an industrial baking enamel coating designed for architectural aluminum extrusion applications required at a minimum AAMA 2604 compliant performance. This system uses a tough scratch and mar resistant proprietary resin technology and only premium exterior grade U.V. resistant pigmentation. ALUMAMAX DC has excellent exterior durability, easy to clean, chalk resistant, and fade resistant. ALUMAMAX DC is a two coat system used on chrome lines as well as non chrome lines with a primer.  This system is used on 4 booth lines in conjunction with SP a speed prime strontium chromate flash primer to meet and exceed the performance needs of 2604 applications.


ALUMAMAX DC coatings can be formulated in a wide range of glosses and colors and are specially formulated for difficult profile penetration and coverage, wide DFT applications, and overall superior electrostatic coating line applications. Coating can be applied single coat on chrome lines or double coated on non chrome lines with a strontium chromate flash primer. The product has been formulated to meet demanding VOC regulations in the single coat system for 2 booth applications – featuring an industry leading 2.95 lbs/gal. ALUMAMAX DC is an excellent choice for construction related applications as well as light architectural.

Recommended end use applications include:

Aluminum windows, and door frames, railings, trim stock structural support struts, store front and low rise construction panels. Upgrade your coated aluminum product today with Titan ALUMAMAX DC.

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Performance Specifications
Specular Gloss at 60°
  • ASTM D 523
  • Full Gloss Range
Surface Appearance
  • Smooth
MEK Double Rubs
  • ASTM D 5402
  • 50+
Pencil Hardness
  • ASTM D 3363
  • H-3H
Direct Impact
  • AAMA 6.5
  • 3mm ± 0.3
  • No removal of film
Adhesion Dry/ Wet
  • AAMA 6.4
  • No loss of adhesion
Muriatic Acid Resistance
  • AAMA 6.6.1
  • No blistering or visual change
Mortar Resistance
  • AAMA 6.6.2
  • Dislodges with no visual change
Detergent Resistance
  • AAMA 6.6.3
  • No loss of adhesion, blistering or visual change