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A cost effective solution to visible insulation.


The POWERFOIL DE is a premium coating system manufactured by Titan Coatings, Inc. Designed to protect aluminum foil insulation boards against white rusting and oxidation. POWERFOIL DE outperforms other applications in accelerated weather performance testing.  Durable and fail-proof, error-free, and perfect for high speed, tight line applications. Available in all colors and in matte, low gloss, and high gloss options, this coating is intended for decorative uses in which the insulation is visible.

Commercial and Residential Uses:

Visible insulation. Chicken Coops. Dairy Farms. Commercial bathrooms. Solar Panels. HVAC Tape. Decorative Warehouse Installations.

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Performance Specifications
Product Line
  • Full Gloss Range
Product Code
  • 211-4974
Product Description
  • 10G White Foil Coat
Product Type
  • Water Based Bake Enamel
End Use
  • Embossed Foil Coated Insulation Panels
Weight per Gallon
  • 10.1 +/- 0.50lbs
% NVM (Weight)
  • 46.3 +/- 2.00%
% NVM (Volume)
  • 31.7 +/- 2.00%
VOC (lb/gal - water)
  • 2.82
Application Method
  • Gravure Cylinder Substrate:
  • Aluminum Foil
Package Visc. (77F)
  • 18-25 Sec.
  • #2 Zahn Pretreatment:
  • None
Applied Viscosity
  • As Required Primer:
  • None
Reducing Solvent
  • Water/EB/IPA
  • Bake Cycle:
  • 330-350F PMT
Coverage(ft2@ 1.0 Mil)
  • 508
Dry Film Thickness
  • 5-6lbs/3000 SqFt.
Gloss (60 Degree)
  • 5-Full Color
Shaded White Solvent Resistance
  • 100+ MEK
Shelf Life
  • 6 Months
Clean Up Solvents
  • Water/EB/IPA
Lead Statement
  • This product meets the ANSI/WCMA A100.1 standard.
  • Contains less than 200 ppm of lead.