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Outperforms all competitors in accelerated weather tests.


The POWERFOIL BP is a premium coating system manufactured by Titan Coatings, Inc. This unique coating protects aluminum foil insulation boards against white rusting and oxidation. POWERFOIL BP is durable, fail-proof, and features error-free high speed, tight line application. Rigorously tested for salt spray and humidity, this system outperformed all competitors for durability in accelerated weather performance tests.

Commercial and Residential Use:

Non-visible residential and commercial insulation boards, HVAC Tape. Insulation boards and paper.

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Performance Specifications
Dry Film Thickness
  • 0.1 to 0.2
Specular Gloss
  • Full Gloss Range
  • Pass Tape Pull
Pencil Hardness
  • N.A.
Solvent Resistance
  • 50 Plus MEK
Impact Resistance
  • N.A.